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Raising home value with curb appeal

Who we are

Barbato Property Service for all your curbing needs. Barbato Property Service uses aircraft strength steel reinforced cable through the center of all our curb. Steel cable adds strength and durability to prevent the curb from shifting sliding or lifting. All work performed by Barbato Property Services comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defect.

  • More economical and durable than traditional lawn edging
  • Successful root barrier
  • Multiple colors and design options
  • Design flexibility including flowing curves, straight lines, and custom designs
  • Reduces edging and trimming time
  • Most jobs completed in one day
  • Professional appearance adds value to your property
  • Existing landscaping not disturbed
  • Continuous curb
  • Commercial curbs including parking lot curbs
  • Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic, or move like brick
…If you’re looking for reliable and trusted curbing and lawn company then we’re here to help, providing the very best in curbing and landscape design services!
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Barbato Warranty period and conditions

1. Your curbing has a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It will be replaced at no charge if the materials we use or the way it was installed by our workmen causes the defect.

2. If curbing is damaged we will come back and make necessary repairs; however, there is a $300 minimum charge for this service.

3. Damage to sprinkler lines, telephone wire, cable TV, or other buried items by our equipment or personnel is not the responsibility of Barbato. However, if these items are properly marked we will do everything we can to avoid and protect these lines. Thank you for using our product. We know you will enjoy it for years to come.